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xlasciviousx's Journal

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This is a very ELITE community. We are very picky and blunt.

1. You must be at LEAST 17. Your birthday must be posted on your LJ (we will check)
2. Have at least 2 clear pictures of your face, 1 body shot, and 1 salute with your LJ name on it (we must be able to see your hand holding the sign).
3. All pictures must be behind an LJ cut. the code is <*lj-cut text="yourwordshere"*> (take out the *).
4. If you have, inappropiate pictures there MUST be a warning, and of course behind an LJ cut. Also you MUST be 18 or older to post them, or you will be banned.
5. We will need a 100x100 of a pic of your face, so we can post it next to your member name. If not when you apply, preferrably soon after.
6. Know that you are being asked to be judged, if you don't like what we have to say too bad. Do not argue with our members just because you don't get accepted, its a waste of time. If you are out of control you will be banned.
7. If you are not accepted you may try again with NEW pictures in 7 days.
8. Do not post pictures of someone else without their consent.
9. We do NOT descriminate against, sex, ethnicity, sexuality OR "label." Pretty much everyone is welcome.
10. You break any rules and you will be banned!
11. You must be ACTIVE, and post at least once a month or you will be removed.
12. You must post a salute within 3 weeks of being accepted. You will be warned only once.

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